How do I reset my password?

Click HERE and enter your email address on file.

Once entered, you should receive an email containing a reset link. If you haven’t, please check your junk folder/spam to ensure it was not intercepted.


If you are logged into your account, here’s how to change your password:

  1. Go to “My CxC’

  2. Click on “My Profile”

  3. Scroll down and click on “Change Password”

I’m interested in a jingle

There are 2 types of jingle requests:

1. Jingle Standard Package: This $2,500 package includes a full sing and multiple lengths and versions of the final jingle included. (ie: :60s, :30s, :15s, :10s).


2. Mini-Jingle: This $1,500 package includes a short sing such as the client’s name and slogan, or call to action. This package does not include multiple versions of the jingle.

Upon your submission of the jingle request, our team will reach out to coordinate a conference call time that works best for you and your client to connect with our jingle team.

Typical timeline following the conference call:

– 3-5 business days to develop a demo. Our process is such that only one demo at a time is provided.
– Upon client approval of the demo we will deliver the final mix within 3 business days or less.
– Two rounds of minor editing revisions are included.
– Upon approval of the final mix, 2 business days to deliver the full package.

Please note that this request will be paid by your market, or your client.


Once you are ready to submit a jingle request, please click HERE.

How do I request digital?

1. Find the desired spec on the site
2. Click on “SnapIt”
3. Towards the bottom you will see an option to add a banner ad and/or pre-roll video
4. Fill out the fields relevant to the digital request and click “Submit”

Note: the system may ask you to insert a tag text within the customization window. You can note “Just requesting digital. No need for a Snap Spec”.

How do I request a new spec?

Here’s how to request a new spec in a category:


1. Please send an email to with the description of the category, not the client’s information. For example: You’re pitching a pest control client that specifically focuses on scorpion removal and all you can find in our library are pest control specs about mice and insects.


2. Within 3 business days, we will provide you with a generic spec allowing you to customize the tag portion of the ad.

How do I customize a spec?

Here’s how to Snap a Spec:

1. In the search box, type in the word that identifies your client the most.

2. Click “Listen” to preview the different Specs in the various categories.

3. Once you find the preferred Spec, click on “Snapit”.

4. Fill out the client information

5. Choose length, gender preference, any unique pronunciation, and customize your message. (Please double check the customized message. Our voice talents read the message verbatim).

6. Click “Submit”.

That’s it! You will get your Snap Spec within the next 3 business hours.

How do I update my contact info on CxC?

Keeping your information up to date is important since this is how we communicate with you via email, or phone.

Here’s how to update your information:
  1. Click on “My CxC”
  2. Click on “Profile” and scroll down.
You can change or add a profile picture, phone number, and email.

How to revise a snap spec BEFORE marking sold.

  1. Click on “My CxC”
  2. Click on “My Media”
  3. Search for pitch via pitch ID, Snap Spec number, or client name (As shown in the image below)

4.Click on “Actions”

5. Click on “SnapIt”

How do I get the mixout so my client or in house production team can tag it?

We are happy to accommodate any and all requests regarding the use of our content. However, please understand the only way to protect your spot from not ending up running for another client in your market is for us to track it. If we release the Mixout directly to you we waive the ability to track it and you face the potential of it being used by another rep in your cluster.

If you have agreed to the above, please contact or call us at 240-696-4247.